Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eden Patio and Bar

OMG. Just to prove that I am a man of my word, and a sucker for punishment, I spent my free and breezy Sunday evening to catch up and hit a spot that I couldn’t get to on Friday. I hate going north of 410, much less trekking beyond 1604, but I did it. I went to a bar in a brand new strip-mall far beyond the confines of my comfort zone, and I forgot my wallet.

Justin French’s paintings are sharp, vibrant, tiny, and could grace your wall for a song. Sadly, these works fail to progress beyond their slick exteriors and decorative properties.

Speaking of which, if you’re bored with the frat house or need a place to show off your new board-shorts/AXE/big truck combo or, for the ladies, your new tube-top, tan, bling ensemble—I know a place. According to the 7000 inch HDTV, the Cubs dropped the second game of a double header with St. Louis. They are going to have to start winning on the road to top Houston and make it into the playoffs.

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