Thursday, July 23, 2009

Franco at SAMA.

Tuesday the 21st, a SAMA Conversation with Franco Mondini-Ruiz; or more specifically, a conversation from Franco. I don’t like Franco’s work, but he is certainly an enigmatic character with pull. Hearing Franco talk is all you need to understand how and why he has been so successful. My compliments to Contemporary Curator David Rubin’s ability to keep Franco on track--and sometimes--on topic.

Some additions to the Contemporary galleries are a welcome sight. Rubin has brought out a Philip Pearlstein that reminds me why I like painting as an art form. The Don Eddy and Richard Anuszkiewicz works are much appreciated, as well. I like the Donald Lipski F.I.S.H #2 (as seen under the I-35 bridge on the Riverwalk Museum Reach) gracing the space of the museum, but I hope the Christian Marclay drum set won’t be hidden in storage for too long.

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