Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday July 24.

Found and Nueva Street Gallery are both located in the shops at La Villita. Given that their target audience is weary tourists, you can count on some bright, cute, portable pictures ideal for remembering your visit to the Alamo.

Art House Studio shows off textiles and re-upholstered furniture by Jane Bishop, Martha Henry, and Clare Watters. Fancy.

A warehouse complex filled with a cacophony of sound is where you find JACS (jacStudio), hopefully. I roamed what I thought was the extent of the spaces and failed to find the Drawing: Impromptu show. Luckily I roamed far enough to find David Shek Vega’s studio space. When it comes to graffiti-art, Vega does it right. Admittedly, this is a style that ordinarily doesn’t interest me all that much, but Vega’s work pushes me towards conversion. The power of Shek’s work comes about through technical precision and easy-does-it compositions. There is a grace and attractiveness to these pieces that leaves me stunned.

(above) David "Shek" Vega

one performance at the warehouse

all photos Jeremiah Teutsch

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