Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friday July 17.

Charola’s the Party Tray Company serves up figure paintings in flavors including blue, orange, and mannerist.

Nobody’s home at the Long Hall Gallery.

I’m still confused about the Radius Center’s “A Media Explosion.” If by “explosion” they mean a non-working video projection then ok. I think that there was going to be a line up of film, some of which would be shown outside, but given the lack of context clues or information about what was going on I’m still not certain. I did see these abstract paintings by Beth Shapiro on the walls. I don’t know if they are a part of the show or not, but they are impressive. All are luminous, smooth, and highly reflective; some even have a depth that appears three-dimensional.

Beth Shapiro

Unit B offers up a lesson in the aesthetic of the haphazard. Alejandro Diaz, Kristy Perez, and Gary Sweeney present stellar text-based works that prove that content, form, and delivery can be combined to make an exciting object out of the simplest of things. Attention to design and thinking can yield good results—being clever can help too. To point out the craftsmanship behind the crudeness of these works, let me make an analogy. Take Sonic Youth and your average high school garage band; the former plays noise while the later just makes noise. This trio is playing noise successfully. So, no, you’re kid couldn’t make this.

Gary Sweeney

Kristy Perez

Alejandro Diaz

To finish, Suede Lounge offers paintings and photography--Photoshop, posterize, paint, repeat. This would work as a street-art motif, but as fine art it fails. Yes, I am willing to make that hierarchal distinction.

all photos Jeremiah Teutsch

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