Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday, July 18.

The ATT Center and their $20 admission can jolly well stow it. For $15.99 and a can of Big Red I could go to Splashtown all day.

Schroeder Gallery presents George Schroeder’s hulking chunks of metal and slag. I am pretty sure that these are the same objects that are always in the window when I drive by. James Cobb’s graphic design renderings are just that—slick graphic design. The paintings are so rooted in this visual vocabulary that they fail to become anything more than decorative art for the corporate office. More pictures here.

James Cobb

Not on the CAM Calendar, but worth mentioning, is Cristal Contemporaneo at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Artworks worth mentioning include: Chris Castillo’s sharp, documentary photographs; and Nicole Eriko Smith’s disturbingly precise drawings of deranged figures.

Chris Castillo

Nicole Eriko Smith

Franco Mondini-Ruiz made this just for you.

All photos Jeremiah Teutsch

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