Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Singlets for a Practical Society FL!GHT Gallery

Singlets for a Practical Society aims to capture the mood of our times by asking quite simply: do you feel like I do? All of these works in some way connect to the themes presented in an audio artist statement in which the group provides a list of woes including: failure, lack of self, longing, self-doubt, anxiety, and missed opportunities. The prospect of a mutual understanding is presented in different ways and meets with varying degrees of compatibility. Jen Khoshbin’s pieces are delicate and finely crafted. Her drawings, a print, and modified books (including sound) help alleviate your concerns with some nostalgia. Khoshbin’s vintage children’s books are another example of the kitchy retro-pop subject matter that I’d like to see less. Phillip Luna’s propaganda derived prints strike at the heart of masculine insecurity and those brutish attempts to fight it off or give in to it. Randy Wallace added a playful element to his fluorescent sculpture by cutting it apart and offering rides to kids on a wheel barrow-esque segment of the piece. Katie Pell’s creatures stare back at you—self consciousness sets in. A phone sits in the corner; a business card provides a number.


The brainchild of Jen Khoshbin and Paul Lewis, this hotline reigns as the highlight of the show and promises to deliver new results from a roster of artists for the rest of the year. Call now. refarmspectacle.blogspot.com/


  1. Fun hotline. I must confess a bias for any promotion of the number 1979 and kitten sounds, so this is probably not the most objective opinion.

  2. Chad, this is Albert Alvarez. What did you think of the show next door to Fl!ght, ONE9ZERO6, called Paper Bullets? I don't know if I saw you at the opening, were you there?